My name is Eveanna Sutton and I am 18 years old trying to figure out the next step. “Oh no” I can hear the readers saying (if there actually are any of you reading this). “Another teenager who can’t confine her feelings to a diary and feels the need to subject the rest of us to her self-indulged whining and grievances.” I do not intend for this blog to turn into a place for me to vent. In fact, as of yet, I have no intentions for this blog at all. I just love to write yet due to a lack of experience and the highly rigid Irish education system, I am unsure what it is I like to write about and am hoping these posts will help me find out.

I have titled this blog “Vision”. Vision is a word I associate with clarity, creativity and beauty, three things I constantly strive for in life. Currently I am in a state of blissful confusion. Having just finished school, I have no idea what it is I want to study in college or if I even want to go at all. The phrase “blissful confusion” could be considered quite the oxymoron. The truth is, I am thoroughly enjoying this unclear time in my life as I finally have the space to figure out who I want to be, something that school had always denied me. I’ve always loved to create and have found great solace in expressing my thoughts and ideas through words. Thus, we have my blog.

So there you have it. This is the beginning of “Vision” and I very much hope it will not be the end (I have a tendency to give up on unfinished projects). If you’re interested at all in what I have to say on a variety of different matters please check up on the blog every once in a while as I have a sneaking suspicion I will not be dealing with an influx of subscribers any time soon.

Yours truly,

Eveanna Kate